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Available TODAY! "What Should I Do With My 401K?: Should I Buy an Annuity?" by Tim Clairmont

With pension plans becoming an endangered species, more and more Americans are now dependent on their 401k. With no other solutions in sight, investors have watched their balances go up and down like a roller coaster at a theme park. In What Should I Do with My 401k?, author Tim Clairmont answers the question on everyone’s mind: What should I do with my 401k? This veteran fiduciary, who is gifted at making the complicated simple and easy to understand, shares the facts and circumstances behind annuities, managed money, mutual funds, ETFs, and the limited array of options for the investment of your 401k plan. Whether you’re an expert or starting from scratch, Tim gives enough information to help you make your own decisions about the approach you want to use. Answering a host of questions, and offering a clear view of the investment landscape, What Should I Do with My 401k? provides useful advice about retirement planning and investment choices.

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Our mission is to empower our clients and associates in their journey to achieve their unique vision of Happiness. 

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ClearFP Clock™

Learn financial principles that can be quickly implemented to help you create your unique vision of happiness for your finances.

Clear Commitment

At Clear Financial Partners we are dedicated to maintaining exemplary standards of service. We have bred a culture of excellence, loyalty, passion, respect and integrity. With this in mind, we all begin our journey toward excellence by making The Clear Commitment. This code of ethics directs our company's moral compass, and these best practices guide our daily actions.

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The financial services industry has been plagued by a reputation of mistrust, ambiguity, and self-serving behaviors. These shell games are not tolerated at Clear Financial Partners. Our advisors are committed to complete transparency. We believe that our clients need to understand every cost associated with their investments and how their advisor is compensated. We have been this way since our inception in 1997, and we will be this way for as long as we exist.

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Clear Awareness Campaign

Each month we donate to a cause that is close to our hearts, but we believe our responsibility does not end there. Education and raised awareness are factors that are consistently cited as factors that contribute to the success of causes and movements. In response, we created our Clear Awareness Campaign which brings education and raised awareness to the individuals we interact with on a daily basis. Please join us every month as we strive to make a difference.

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